A quiet prayer…

A quiet prayer…

The Female Orgasm Law. A really, really funny short.

A very nice Goldberg machine by Red Bull: The Athlete Machine.

A fucking brilliant noodles TVC. Fuuuuck biiitches! :))

A really good fanmade short about videogames: Old School vs. New School. 

A Brief History Of Video Games. Really nice. 

Harry Podder: Say The Magic Word. Frakkin’ hilarious short animation. 

"The Star Wars I Used To Know". A frakkin’ hilarious parody. 

Love this Coca-Cola ad with security cameras. 

This Fan Academy TVC from Carlsberg is quite hilarious. :D 

The new Gettyimages TVC: old concept, but it still can work beautifully. 

Djidawi popping demo at Eurobattle. Slick moves; 1:21 is my faved. 

Frakkin hilarious twist on this TVC. Well done. :D

Really nice mix-media TVC from Xerox. Dig. 

The original pitch video for The Muppets to CBS. Frakkin’ genius.